Employee Database Management Spreadsheet

Employee database management spreadsheet is database in Excel format to record detail information of your employees. Each employee will have its own worksheet. Also, with form-alike layout, it should minimize possibilities of incorrectly typing data in incorrect columns.

But, do not expect more than just a database. This employee database spreadsheet is suitable for small business companies. With number of employees less than 100. You won’t find any payroll calculator to help you organize payroll.

Employee Database Excel Template

a. Setup

In this worksheet, you need to input your company information. Also, some details of your organization structure. Department, titles or levels. They will be used as dropdown options in each employee worksheet.

And, do not forget to set starting date for this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can record up to 10 years starting from the date that you set.

b. Employee Database

Before starting to fill data of your employees, you need to adjust and set several categories. Adjust them to suit your company database category structures. The first employee worksheet is an anchor for all employee worksheets. All categories in second employee worksheets onward will refer to the first one.

As you can see in Demo version below, several categories will have their own 10 years table. You can enter the data in respective year. Also, you can put link for respective documents, like employee contracts, discipline letters, leave forms etc.

c. Summary

In summary worksheet, you can use the Individual Employee Summary worksheet to pull data of employee for particular year. It should be helpful since you don’t have to slide to the right side of each employee worksheet in order to get particular¬† data.

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Furthermore, you can get a summary of employee appraisal, salaries, attendance etc, based on data that you input to each employee worksheet.

Dashboard is also available. You can analyze situation of your company human resources quickly. You can analyze your turn over rate, budget utilization and many others.

The jobs which highly related to manage employee database management are in human resource department which includes employee training, employee benefits, personal data, hiring and resigned checklists and many more. In order to finish the tasks, human resource needs an efficient and effective tool that is simple to edit or add employee database. All of those jobs above are surely need an employee database to be used for basic information of human resource tasks.

The paid version of employee database management spreadsheet is fully editable. You can add more worksheets. It uses standard Excel functions to manage hundreds of employee worksheets. You may tweak them if you are familiar on working with Excel functions.

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