Employee Database Management Spreadsheet

Employee Database Management Spreadsheet TemplateHandling employee database is now getting simpler and easier with Employee Database Management Spreadsheet for excel. Employee Database Management Spreadsheet is not only simple but also user-friendly to help you manage employee database. Below are several reasons why you must use this template :

a. Dashboard Visualization

You are able to modify the dashboard from the latest update up to last seven year summary in form of chart visualization. By monitoring this chart visualization, you can see the details of  that consists of target of employee number vs the actual number which further will help you to calculate the fulfillment of man power planning in your company. Meanwhile, For the current year visualization, you are able to monitor the distribution of your employee as well as the salary of your employee and also able to monitor your employee status. In addition, you can also get other features such as monitoring status of hired vs resigned employee as well as salary budget vs actual.

b. Custom Employee Data Form and Summary

With Employee Database Management Spreadsheet, you are not only able to set employee data form with the specific title or names of employee, but also you can also receive the latest update of your employee in form of individual summary worksheet to see their contract expired date. In addition, you can also monitor all employee information in a single database worksheet only where you can use this for various purposes, for example creating a summary of the employees into specific category and in specific year (leaves, salary, division, department etc).

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The jobs which highly related to manage employee database management are in human resource department which includes employee training, employee benefits, personal data, hiring and resigned checklists and many more. In order to finish the tasks, human resource needs an efficient and effective tool that is simple to edit or add employee database. All of those jobs above are surely need an employee database to be used for basic information of human resource tasks.

The free version can accommodate until 15 employees. If you find this employee database management spreadsheet is useful to you, you can upgrade it to accommodate until 500 employees by paying additional fee.

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