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Shift Schedule Planner

Planning shift schedule template for your employee often left you a big headache, doesn’t it? You must be hoping to get a simple tool particularly in Microsoft Excel where you can arrange and manage the shift schedule easily. The perfect tool for your problem is Employee Shift Schedule Generator for Excel. This tool is a

New Year’s Resolution

New Year is nearly come. Without a doubt, there are several things that you have to prepare for that. Of course it is not about party or celebration, but something related to you more. It is some resolutions that you want to achieve in the New Year. If you are a person who usually lists

Gantt Chart

Every project manager has to deal with schedule management. One of the most useful tool to show what to do and when it has to start and finish, is the Gantt chart. If you’ve been around in project management, you probably are used to make this bar type charts on your computer. A common gantt