Hotel Reservation Manager

Do you run a hotel? Then, you may need hotel reservation spreadsheet to log all of your guess reservation to make sure that your room is booked properly.

During the peak seasons, there will be many people who are looking for convenient places to stay within the vacation time. They will check the availability of local hotels to make sure that they have room to book. To assist them, it is the responsibility of reservation desk staff. Of course, to help the potential guests, it is needed to support tool to check the room availability as quickly as possible.

Hotel Reservation Spreadsheet

There are several models, from simple to advance models you can choose. Simple models will allow you to creatively edit it. Furthermore, you can learn how all Excel functions works.

Simple Hotel Reservation Spreadsheets

ThisĀ  simple Hotel Reservation Manager is useful for managing the availability of rooms in the hotel. It can be used to list the owned rooms and record the bookings. The listing is simply created in Excel and it is compatible with all version of Excel start from 2007 version and above. It consists of two worksheets, for room booking and calendar. On the room booking worksheet, you can list the information of guests and which rooms they are staying. It is also including the check in and check out dates. On the calendar worksheet, you will see when the rooms are mostly booked. It can be designed in monthly for obtaining the more detail views of the booking from day to day.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Three-Monthly Calendar

The reservation desk has crucial tasks to make sure the performance of hotel service towards the prospective guests. The staff on this front line has to be able to give the right information about the room availability. But, if you are managing larger hotel with more complicated reservation method, probably this simple excel template won’t be enough for you. You probably will need more sophisticated software which designed for hotel business.

Instead of hotel business, you can use this simple hotel reservation manager for managing your apartment, guest houses, villas or other related room rental purposes.


Hotel Reservation Calendar - Model 1 > OFFICETEMPLATES.NET

The first model consists two worksheets. Booking form and Calendar worksheet. Type any booking information in booking form. Do not forget to set room category and number in the table at the right side of booking table. Then you can see the number of available rooms at any dates in Calendar worksheet. Change month and year at respective fields. Scroll room bar up and down to see the availability of particular rooms, based on type or room numbers.

  Hotel Reservation Spreadsheet - Model 1 (66.4 KiB, 1,277 hits)


Hotel Reservation Calendar - Model 2 > OFFICETEMPLATES.NET

This model is similar with the first model, except room type and number are in Calendar worksheet. Layout of reservation calendar is following the number of room numbers. Type room type and number at table at the left side.

For booking form worksheet, how to fill them are similar with the first one.

  Hotel Reservation Spreadsheet - Model 2 (66.2 KiB, 1,303 hits)


Hotel Reservation Calendar - Model 3 > OFFICETEMPLATES.NET

The third model of hotel reservation spreadsheet has full one year layout. But, it has no booking form worksheet. It is to give you ideas on how to map available rooms inside the calendar. Put “1” for rooms that are still available and do not put any numbers for unavailable room fields.


  Hotel Reservation Spreadsheet - Model 3 (35.9 KiB, 1,201 hits)

Your guests might want to hang around if they stayed in your hotel. Then, you might need another car rental reservation form if you provide that service. Furthermore, if your hotel is big and has a hall for holding a wedding or seminar, then you might need a hall reservation sheet for that purposes.

Hotel reservation spreadsheets above are simple ones. There are new reservation spreadsheets that are still in the making. I might also create a Youtube tutorial on how to create hotel reservation form later. But, in the mean time, you can explore all of those spreadsheets.

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