Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing Competition SpreadsheetLast Man Standing is an excel spreadsheet to accommodate prediction game for your sport competition. The aim of this game is to find a lone survivor at the end of respective sport competition. A lone survivor is a player who predict the outcome of each matches correctly, and this game is like a race game where any incorrect prediction will eliminate the players for competing. Most common sport competition is soccer league.

It should be easy in the beginning, but it could be tougher toward the end of the competition since players can’t pick similar team within one game competition. For example, if you want to implement this for England Premier League game, it will be easy to predict Manchester City or Arsenal will win their first matches. But, after that, you can’t pick them again. You must select underdog teams wisely when they will win their matches before you won’t have any choices except to pick them.

To use this spreadsheet, you must learn basic regulations as follows :
> One competition is defined as a half competition where all teams will meet each other once. You can customize it by specifying the number of round and matches.
> Players must pick match winner in each round in the whole competition
> Players are not allowed to pick similar team in any rounds
> If team’s match is postponed, respective players will advance to the next round automatically
> If result of team’s match is draw, respective players will be eliminated
> This game rolls on until all players eliminated except one regardless the competition is not completed yet. And this remaining player will be the Lone Survivor or the Winner of the game.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Multiplication Table

To start using this spreadsheet, you can follow instructions as follows :

> Go to Setup worksheet
> Set number of teams that participated in this league
> Type team names
> Set number of players who will join your game
> Type player names
> Type number of rounds & games in custom boxes. If you are not filling it, the number of rounds and games will follow the half competition values.
> Define Wild Card condition, this is a condition where any players will advance if this condition is met.

> Go to Matches worksheet
> Type round number, Team 1, and Team 2

> Go to Pick worksheet
> Start selecting your player’s picks
> Players can pick their teams in every rounds using a dropdown list
> Do not copy and paste between rows. It will break the dropdown list formula for respective players

> Go to Matches worksheet
> Select Team that win the match on Result column

> Go to Last Man Standing worksheets
> See your player standing race in Last Man Standing Race Worksheets. Correct predictions will have blue colors. Eliminated players will have light grey color with incorrect team prediction in its cell at the end of their pick rows.

You can download the Last Man Standing spreadsheet below. The free version can accommodate until 15 players and 38 rounds. One spreadsheet is already filled with dummy data to help you understanding this spreadsheet properly. More detail information can be found in its author site.


  Last Man Standing Spreadsheet - 15 Players (634.0 KiB, 4,636 hits)

  Last Man Standing Spreadsheet - 15 Players (with samples) (659.4 KiB, 2,403 hits)

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