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Soccer Tournament Maker for ExcelDo you like to manage tournament event and currently looking for a rich-features tool to simplify this job? Then you should consider using soccer tournament creator for excel.  This tool can be applied perfectly to make soccer tournament online (xbox or playstation soccer tournament), or soccer tournament offline (outdoor or indoor soccer/futsal/beach soccer). With this tool, you can cut your processing time to schedule and monitor the tournament from the start until the end of match. Forget all the manual process, this tool has provided with automatic features by using smart fixture generator to generate, print and deliver the schedule for all participants involved. You can also use this tool to emulate existing soccer tournament events, like FIFA World Cup, Olympic Soccer Competition, EUFA Champions League etc. It requires Microsoft Excel with minimum version 2007 for Windows and 2008 for Mac.

Below are the features to set this tool for your soccer tournament.

1. Handle up to 256 teams
This application can handle up to 256 teams in paid version for each tournament that can be split into 16 groups in which maximum member of team for each is 16.

2. Custom Type of Competition
You are able to choose either you want to set your group stages as half competition of full competition with home and away matches.

3. Custom Dates Cycle of Competition
There are 5 choices to select the dates cycle of competition. You can select the matches time, either daily, every two days in a week, every three days in a week, weekly, or every two weeks).

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4. Custom Value for Match Points
You can determine your own value for match points for home and away draw, win and lose.

5. 8 Tie-Breaker Combination
You are able to select suitable tie-breaker combination for your group matches.

6. Individual Team Information Chart
In this chart you will be able to watch certain team matches in table and calendar format.

7. Custom Knock Out Stages Arrangement
You are able to arrange every knock out pairing competitions based on your own preferences.

8. Custom Knock Out Stages First Round Bracket
This soccer tournament creator template for excel provides with 5 different first round choices in knock out stages. You can select for final, semifinal, quarterfinal, 32nd round, 16th round.

9. Custom Knock Out Stages for 3rd position Match
You are free to turn on or turn off the score boxes for 3rd place match.

10. Custom Knock Out Stages Competition Mode
You have 4 different options to select the knock out stages mode from the start round until final round.
a. Single matches until final round
b. Single matches until semifinal and home and away competition for 3rd rank and final.
c. Home and away matches until final round.
d. Home and away matches until semifinals and single matches for 3rd rank and final.

With all features provided, this tool is definitely your best choice to simplify the schedule process as well as monitoring the tournament. To give you a brief experience in using this tool, you can use the free version that can handle until 32 teams and 4 groups for each tournament. You can continue to purchase the paid version if you want to fully utilized this tool.

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