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Excel Calories Burned CalculatorFor people with diet plan or diet program, calculating the calories that have to be burn in a day is very important. Normally, you will burn the calorie automatically if you do some activities like exercise or workout. However, if you feel that you have spend a lot of time to exercising but it seems that you still do not lose any significant weight, maybe you have to reconsider the exercise that you do by calculating the calorie that is burned by certain activities.

This is why you need calories burned calculator to count the amount of calories that you spend in every exercise that you do. This program will help you find the amount of calories that you spend in all of your activity such as walking or exercising. You can do this program or template any time you need it. By calculating the calories, you can find some new strategy that you can do with your diet program. You can do different exercise that will effectively burn your calories more so your diet program will be more effective.

Calories burned calculator will help you with this task. You can download the template in your computer and you will feel the benefits of this program. You can write your name, gender, age, and weight. There are several columns that you can use to write the activity that you have done and how long you do the activity. The program will automatically calculate the calories that you burn with the activity and in the end of the column, you can find out the total calories that you have burned in a day.

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