In this category, you can find hundreds of useful free excel templates, like inventory, human resources, attendance, soccer, sport, finance, accounting, gantt chart, engineering templates as well as ready-to-use form templates.

Hotel Reservation Manager

Do you run a hotel? Then, you may need hotel reservation spreadsheet to log all of your guess reservation to make sure that your room is booked properly. During the…

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Household Expenses Calculator

This is a free household expenses calculator spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. It is designed to help people calculating their monthly expenses and organize their budget in more effective ways. Are…

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Household Budget Template

This is an excel spreadsheet to organize your household monthly budget. It has 12 months visualization to help you see how much you need to cover all of your expenses…

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GPA Calculator

Do you want to know how to calculate your GPA? When you are studying at the school or college, it is important to know the average of grade points you…

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Depreciation Calculator

Having too many properties means that we can be regarded as wealthy persons. However, there is one important thing we should be aware of. We need to understand that the…

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Event Budget Calculator

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to organize your event budget. Do you want to hold an event? Is it going to be an exhibition or something alike? Well, you…

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