Cash Flow Planner Spreadsheet

Cash Flow Planner Spreadsheet for Personal/CompanyCash flow planner spreadsheet is a useful excel spreadsheet to organize your personal and company income and expenses in calendar visualization. This visualization will help you to see a clear picture of your money management within particular time period. Different from general budget spreadsheet, this spreadsheet will distribute your income and expenses based on dates or days. So, it will also give you status of your cash flow in daily basis.

The free version you download below has some limitations but it should be enough for you to get the idea on how this spreadsheet will help you. In payment planner worksheet you will get income and expenses tables where you can set your exact payment days or dates including the exception columns if your recurring dates or days falls on different time in particular month.

Formulas inside this spreadsheet will calculate balance of your income and expenses automatically. You can see your income and expenses placed in payment calendar automatically. There are 15 rows in this free version but you will get until 30 rows in paid version.

There is a non working worksheet where you can see summary of your cash flow annually. It is just a sample of cash flow visualization like you see in picture below.

Cash Flow Planner - Calendar Visualization

This spreadsheet should fit either you as personal or you as the owner of small business company to organize your cash flow. As company’s owner, you can plan and record payment of your invoices and arrange payments for your supplier. By seeing red and yellow color markers in calendar visualization, you can organize the dates to make sure that you keep positive cash flow every day. It could act as a company cash flow forecast spreadsheet since you can put all of your company’s financial information in this spreadsheet and see its financial status one year in advance.

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As a person, you can organize your income and expenses, especially your personal bills, in advance to prevent any late bill payment due to unpredictable expenses.

  Company/Personal Cash Flow Planner Lite (1.4 MiB, 745 hits)

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