Car Rental Reservation

Excel Car Rental ReservationCar rental business can be very profitable especially on the holiday season when many families who do not have cars for their trip will rent car for some car rentals. The more cars that are rented by people, the more money you will get. To have a really profitable and well maintained car rental, you must have a good maintenance on your inventory data.

There are two kinds of template for car rental inventory that you can have. The first one is the daily car rental reservation table and the second one is an hourly car rental reservation table. You can put the details on the rented car on the table. You will know what car that is being rented, the period of the rent and whether they rent it together with the driver or not. You can add the data from the car tenant and you can know when the tenant will give you back your car. This program or template or table, whatever you name it, can really help you with your little business and make it more organized.

You can open the template in your excel program. In the template, you will see several columns that have been marked before which have named into several categories that are the name of the customers, their phone address and type of ID. There are also columns for the details of the rent like the start and end date of the rent, the car brand, car number, and other information like with drivers or not. That is for daily car reservation. In hourly car reservation table you will see rather similar information but with hour details on it.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Three-Monthly Calendar

  Car Rental Reservation Daily (161.5 KiB, 6,400 hits)

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