Monthly Bill Payment Planner Template

Monthly Bill Payment Planner SpreadsheetBill payment planner templates is an Excel spreadsheet to organize payment of your bills monthly. Different from budget spreadsheet, this template will allow you to assign date or day for your payment plan. Formulas in weekly worksheet will place them in respective dates or days. It should help you on organize your personal cash flow since you might forget what you have to pay in particular week.

There are two working worksheets in this spreadsheet. Type Year period in Bill Payment and Holidays worksheet to define its year range. Then, you can start typing your respective dates and days in Payment Date columns. There are Recurring Day, Recurring Date and Fixed Date column. Type Monday to Sunday in Recurring Day column if your payment day always falls on similar days every week. Type 1 – 31 in Recurring Date column if your payment date falls on similar day each month. If your payment date falls on particular date, you can type it in Fixed Date column. Type respective bill payment information including its amount in Bill Payment columns.

There are holidays table at the right side just to mark respective columns in those dates in red colors. You may see it in Weekly calendar worksheet. In this worksheet, you will see all of your typing information placed in respective dates. They are organized in weekly table. Select start date of the week that you want to see. There are 20 rows of bill information you can see in it.

Because this is just a bill payment planner, you won’t see or you can’t input your income to see your cash flow. But, there are personal cash flow planner where its information you can read in More Payment Planner worksheet or you can read Cash Flow Planner post. This cash flow planner should give you more detail visualization of your financial status since it will compare your income and expenses daily. It should be useful if you are receiving income not in fixed date basis but rather in random dates which should require you to manage your expenses carefully.

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