Biorythm Chart

Excel Biorythm ChartThere is this believe that people have a certain cycle that can affect their performance. According this cycle there are some point where people will reach their top performance and in another point they will go down and reach the lowest point. This is called biorhythm cycle and this cycle work in three aspect of human performance, emotional, intellectual and physical. The expert said that this cycle have different cycling time for each aspect where it goes for 33 days for intellectual aspect, 28 days for emotional aspect, and 23 days for physical aspect.

It’s a kind of interesting thing to know despite there are still many research that need to be done to measure its validity. But for those who like to know how their physical state is on the moment, they can use this biorhythm calculator template. It was simply a tool that will show them on what level are they physical, emotional, and intellectual aspect at the specific time. They even can use it to arrange the perfect moment to do something special where they have the highest peak of their ability.

This template was very simple to use. It has the single biorhythm worksheet and biorhythm table. On the biorhythm worksheet they need to enter their name, birth date and measured date. After that, they can see the result on the chart below them. There is also this information that shows their percentage of the three aspects that was measured with this. The second worksheet show the biorhythm table for 30 days with the measurement date as the middle date.

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