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Gantt Chart Template for ExcelEvery project manager has to deal with schedule management. One of the most useful tool to show what to do and when it has to start and finish, is the Gantt chart. If you’ve been around in project management, you probably are used to make this bar type charts on your computer. A common gantt chart processing software is Microsoft Project. But, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can try this Excel Gantt Chart Template. You can use it in Windows or Mac environment.

Gantt chart templates allow you to create sophisticated visual project communications. A simple looking template won’t look professional enough to the executives. You don’t want to look like an amateur when presenting your work. This is where this Gantt Chart Template plays part, which is to help you impress those potential clients of yours that can get you big projects and even open the door to more opportunities and networking. This Gantt Chart template is better than other simple gantt chart created in Excel but do not compare its features with what Microsoft Project has.

This Gantt Chart template is created for saving a professional’s time and money. Compared to other Gantt Chart templates and other excel templates available on the market, this Gantt Chart creator template is much cheaper and efficient. There are also products that claims to let you create charts easily with Macro functions. It is true that more complex Gantt charts can be created on those products, but if you only need to make a Gantt chart, macro functions are not necessarily needed. And you will get troubles when you try to upgrade/downgrade your excel version or use in different Operating System environment. This Gantt chart template is focused on helping you making better Gantt charts in Excel. You don’t need to download complicated chart creator programs with confusing instructions and potential compatibility issues with your computer. Save the hassle from looking for step by step tutorials and installing additional software with this Gantt chart template.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Multiplication Table

This Gantt Chart Template has many options to allow you to customize and personalize its layouts. It has features to let you choose the end date option based on fixed date or fixed number of weeks. Work days are flexible too, since some companies’ days off are not the typical Saturday and Sunday. Holidays and each employee’s personal leave dates can be added to the chart and the smart workday calculation will precisely calculate the workdays with customized days off. You can also personalize your chart with various color combinations to fit your preference and needs, so it will be more interesting to look at. To make this visual presentation of schedules more interesting, you can select the displayed and printed frame. Remind your teams about due dates or other notifications with alert function provided.

You can try the free version below. It comes with some limitations though. If want to have a full control of this Gantt Chart template, you can purchase the Premium version.

  Gantt Chart for Personal Project - Weekview (168.4 KiB, 1,395 hits)

  Gantt Chart for Team Project - Weekview (168.3 KiB, 1,327 hits)

  Gantt Chart for Team Project - Dayview (174.3 KiB, 1,174 hits)


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