General Journal Template

General journal is an accounting term to record any financial transactions for service businesses and non cash transactions in merchandise and manufacturing business. Its format varies between different businesses. Columns…

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Hotel Reservation Manager

Do you run a hotel? Then, you may need hotel reservation spreadsheet to log all of your guess reservation to make sure that your room is booked properly. During the…

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Depreciation Calculator

Having too many properties means that we can be regarded as wealthy persons. However, there is one important thing we should be aware of. We need to understand that the…

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Event Budget Calculator

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to organize your event budget. Do you want to hold an event? Is it going to be an exhibition or something alike? Well, you…

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Proforma Invoice Template

All things should be ensured to avoid some possible mistakes. All things should be double checked during business. This might take some times, more than just if it is done…

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CoGS Calculator

There are many things involved when you want to run a commercial business in serious method. If you run a manufacturer company, some elements will determine the earned profits. One…

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Mileage Log

Mileage log is a common record paper sheet to record any vehicle trip for operational use. With this log, respective department, operation department, can monitor their driver working hours while…

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Contractor Invoice

Contractor invoice is a simple sheet that can bring you the information about the project that you have with a contractor. It contains number or invoice, agreement number, work order…

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