New Year’s Resolution

Excel New Year's Resolution - Goals Timeframe 2013, 2014, 2014New Year is nearly come. Without a doubt, there are several things that you have to prepare for that. Of course it is not about party or celebration, but something related to you more. It is some resolutions that you want to achieve in the New Year. If you are a person who usually lists some resolutions to achieve in every New Year, there is a template found to be beneficial for you. The template is known as New Year’s Resolution template.

The function of this New Year’s Resolution template is not only to enable you to list all things you want to achieve during the New Year. Besides, you can also use the template as your personal timeframe so that you can make sure that all or at least most of things you want to achieve can be achieved in the end of the year. Certainly, this kind of thing is helping you to be a better self because you always have something to achieve not only for this New Year but also the next ones.

The template of New Year’s Resolution is available in the form of Excel file so that it can be easily saved in computer, laptop, notebook, or even smartphone. In the template form, you can fill out your goals, timeframe that you personally designed for each goal and also the date when you achieve the goal. With all features can be found in this template will help you to remember always that there are some things that you have to achieve.

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