Bowling Score Sheet

Excel Bowling Score Sheet TemplateBowling is a very fun sport and game that is popular among people around the world. The game is very easy to do and very simple. You only have to throw the ball in certain direction so it will hit the pin as many as possible. You will get high score if you can do strike. Strike means you hit all the pins successfully in one throw. If you cannot do strike, you still can do spare. It is counted based on how much pin that you hit in a throw.

If you play bowling with your friends, you might want to write the score from each of you. Then you will need some bowling score sheet that you can use to record the hit that you and your friends made. This is very useful because you can monitor the score and you can also use this sheet if you want to make some simple bowling competition just between you and your friend. You can write all the score and in the end you can find out who win the game.

In this bowling score sheet you will find several columns in which you can write the score that you made. You can write the name of each participant. There are nine columns that show the sequence of the game. Write “x” for strike and “/” for spare. Write number 0-9 only for spare and do not write any number for strike because the program will be unable to process it. Here you can also know the maximum score that you can make and in the end you will get your total score based on the score that you have submitted before.

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