Category: Sport Templates

FIFA World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

FIFA World Cup 2018 Sweepstake is an excel template to compete with your friends on predicting score results in this year World Cup in Russia. It should be convenient to play prediction games with your friends or relatives during World Cup 2018. Playing this game should reveal who is the sharp predictor among your friend

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is an excel spreadsheet to accommodate prediction game for your sport competition. The aim of this game is to find a lone survivor at the end of respective sport competition. A lone survivor is a player who predict the outcome of each matches correctly, and this game is like a race game

Copa America 2016 Sweepstake

It should be fun to play a prediction game among your friends while watching 2016 Copa America soccer tournament that will be held in USA in June. And by using this Copa America Centenario Sweepstake spreadsheet, you don’t have to define rules nor create your own spreadsheet. It is equipped with features and formulas that