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Kids Menu

Whether you are a restaurant owner or manager; or even you are housewives who look after your kids; a Kids Menu is an interesting trivial thing to make. For restaurants or catering business, the function of having this menu is clearly seen: to educate the customers about what they are providing as well as promotion

Issue Log

A form of issues documentation which is put in a table continuously can be called an Issue Log. The function of this template then stays the same as other record templates as the purpose of its making is simply to trace and keep the detailed information about each issue. Issue Log can be used as

Infant Feeding Log

Just as the name suggests, this Infant Feeding Log template was made to help parents on keeping record and track of their newborn’s feeding time. It may sound simple and unneeded, but you will eventually find this very helpful. By having the log of your baby feeding time around, you won’t forget when to feed

House Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your home can be quite troublesome if things are not organized properly. It is especially if you are a career woman who has to take care of both household and work. Letting one suffer because of improper organization isn’t something you should do, and for that reason this House Cleaning Schedule template is made

Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule

For a hotel, the cleanliness of the rooms is a crucial point where most people are seeking for. In that matter, this Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule template will prove its usefulness. Delivering room cleaning job will be a lot easier when you have it scheduled properly, and that’s what this template do for you. Scheduling

Horse Bill of Sale

Having a horse isn’t as simple as having common pet, the treatment for it isn’t easy and it is quite costly. When things come to this, there are two options that you can go with. First, find a way to give proper treatment for the horse so you can keep it. Or the second option

Weekly Homework Schedule

Getting punished by the teacher because of forgetting to do homework, that’s no fun and not cool at all. Still, it is just so human-like to forget something, and for that reason this Weekly Homework Schedule template is made. To avoid yourself on forgetting your homework, it is simply about getting yourself reminded on it,