Home Inventory Manager

Excel Home Inventory Manager
Home Inventory Manager

Do you know that it is also important for you to list the home inventory? If you work as a secretary, you may have been used to make daily checks to the office belongings. You record when and where those furniture bought. You also include the insurance and warranty information on the checking list. You know that doing this is very important.

And now, you can also do the same inventory monitoring of your residential space. You won’t need it now, but you will need it when you plan to move your house, or if there is something happened with your house or if you lost some of your precious item in your house and you need to claim for insurance. If you are lazy enough to write it down in a piece of paper, you can download this free home inventory manager and use it with Microsoft Excel.  You can start it from the furniture which is spread in all the rooms. The listings can be made for recording the room, furniture item, brand or model, category, purchased price, purchase store, serial number and warranty. It is also essential to add certain notes or give a check to show whether the items is insured or not. As the items database, you can list them on a special pool. The term of depreciation can help you determine when those items need to be replaced or to determine the price when you plan to sell it.

The necessity of Home Inventory listing probably never crossed your mind. But this idea is essential to make sure that you know the belongings you have. As mention before, in case, you suffer from certain loss after unexpected incidents, you will find out how much compensation to claim to the insurance company if all of them are insured and you don’t have to find its document in the beginning since you already have it written in your file.

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