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Stock Inventory Template for Trading-Retail-StoreStock inventory template for Excel is a simple inventory spreadsheet to record and track flow of goods in your warehouse. Why is it called simple? Because it just count the number of outgoing and incoming goods and reveal its stock balance over particular period of time. It uses simple logic where you might already implement using Microsoft Excel by yourself. The difference maybe on its counting method and its function selection to count it.

In this spreadsheet, you will find four working worksheets. It should be applicable for one warehouse. To start using it, you need to define your stock names and their initial quantities. There are Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) numbers that you may put to show particular color markers in Summary worksheet if their quantities fall below that number.

After you defined all of your stocks, you can see those names shown in Summary worksheet. You will see their balance categorized into several categories. Those are In, Out, Balance, Booked, Final Balance 1, On Delivery, Final Balance 2 and MOQ. They are explained as follows :

  • In : Incoming goods. Goods that are purchased and received in Warehouse (Status = Warehouse).
  • Out : Outgoing goods. Goods that are sold and received by customers/clients (Status = Sold)
  • Balance : Difference between Incoming and Outgoing Goods.
  • Booked : Goods that are booked by customers/clients but not delivered yet.
  • Final Balance 1 : Balance – Booked. It is used to make sure that particular goods are not available for sale.
  • On Delivery : Goods that are bought but not received yet by your warehouse.
  • Final Balance 2 : On Delivery + Final Balance 1. It is used to count the final stock balance.
  • MOQ : Minimum Order Quantity. It will be the same with MOQ number in initial inventory setup.
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You may play around with this spreadsheet. You may also learn all the formulas if you want to create your own stock inventory spreadsheet.

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