Inventory System for Equipment Rental Business

Inventory Manager for Rental BusinessInventory system for equipment rental business is a spreadsheet to organize your rental inventory. Different from managing inventory for trading business or store outlet, managing inventory for this type of business requires formulas to calculate returning equipment. And there are many rental business that might need this type of spreadsheet to manage their equipment. General example is a library. Librarian should fill two cards when one book is borrowed or returned. One card is a book card to record particular book balance. The other one is customer card to record books that are borrowed/returned by the customer. There are many cards that Librarian should maintain before computer system are available. Computer has helped to ease their recording jobs now.

Nowadays, there are many businesses that have similar business process with Library. People who works in those business needs to maintain their inventories carefully. It won’t be a problem if they manage only a few quantity and they are not having too much variation. Business that falls to this type of manageable rental business are wedding hall or sport court rentals. But, rental business like costume or cooking rental business can’t rely on manual recording. Especially when customers may book them in advance where you have to make sure the item is available for pickup on particular booked date.

This spreadsheet will help you managing your rental inventory item. Although there are limitation in this free version, it should be enough if you are managing maximum 20 items on your warehouse. You can start using this spreadsheet by typing all of your inventory item and their initial quantity. Then, you can start typing items that are booked in Booking worksheet. Type name of rented item including their start and end date. Go to Summary worksheet to see your inventory status for 6-month period. You can toggle its quantity view between the number of rented item and the number of remaining item.

CHECK THIS TEMPLATE >  Loan Amortization Chart

There are some worksheets that are available in paid version only. You can read more about it in its About worksheet. You can download inventory system for rental business template below. It is filled with samples that should quicken you to understand it.

  Inventory and Booking Manager for Equipment Rental Business (289.0 KiB, 708 hits)

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