Event Budget Calculator

Event Budget CalculatorThis is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to organize your event budget. Do you want to hold an event? Is it going to be an exhibition or something alike? Well, you must be sure that everything is well controlled. You need to start considering the details from the beginning. It is the budget arrangement. This is very essential because you should know whether the event is profitable or not. You have to make a calculation for the possible estimation and record the actual expenses.

Doing the Event Budget calculation is very easy. You can simply use the calculator template from Microsoft Excel. For the comprehensive calculation, you need to include the assumption, income, expenses and summary. With this kind of calculator template, you will be able to calculate the possible income to earn from the admissions, sponsorship and others. On the expense worksheet, you can calculate the estimation of how much funds to spend. On the summary worksheet is where the profit or loss is estimated. Unlike using some papers to record the budget plan for both income and expenses, you can simply use this template. It saves paper and time, allowing your hands being free from hassle work of creating the template manually.

Event budget plan is also available for free download below. You can use it for planning the exhibition. There will be also actual columns where you can enter the exact number of used funds. By this way, you can compare the income and expense details. If you already have hold events before, you won’t have difficulties on putting all the numbers in this spreadsheet. But, if you are new to this business, you need to collect all detail information to make sure that your budget is closed with its real expenses. You can ask your colleagues who have more experiences or you can all event vendors to get estimated prices.

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