Baby Growth Chart

Excel Baby Growth Chart TemplateFor new parents, there is this constant worry of their baby, does their baby grow up normally compared to other baby. It was common thing and actually as long as they keep record of their baby weight and height for each month and compare it to the available baby growth chart than they can find out if there is problem with their baby or not. The health department and your pediatrician can give you the guide on normal baby growth from time to time that you can use it to compare with your own baby.

One thing that you need to know is that a baby boy and baby girls has different baby growth chart. To make it easier for you to keep track on your baby growth, you can use this baby growth chart template. With this all you need to do is fill on the information that was asked and you can get the result instantly and see the chart f your baby growth compare to normal babies. It was easy to use and you no longer need to make the chart on your own.

There are three worksheets in there, the first one is where you can put your baby information while the second and the third worksheet will show your baby chart compare to other babies based on statistics. Right on the first chart you also can see the percentile that shows your baby position among 1000 babies. There is also this converter box that can help you to convert your baby weight from pounds to kg and your baby heights from inch to centimeter.

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