Infant Feeding Log

Infant Feeding Log Template WordJust as the name suggests, this Infant Feeding Log template was made to help parents on keeping record and track of their newborn’s feeding time. It may sound simple and unneeded, but you will eventually find this very helpful. By having the log of your baby feeding time around, you won’t forget when to feed your baby. That’s not all to it. In case you are leaving your baby in other’s care, you just have to give it to that person. That way, this log will act as preference for anyone on how to taking care of your baby. So, even if you are away, peace in mind knowing that your baby will be taken care just as if you are around.

Within the template, you will be presented a table of 4 columns. From left to right, there are time, description, amount, and notes. The “Time” column is obviously to keep record on the feeding time. As for the “Description”, you will fill the description of the feeding such as what you give the baby to eat, the drink you give, etc. Next to it, the “Amount” is about how much you get the baby to eat at that corresponding time. Lastly, you can use the “Notes”, if there is any additional information to it.

How to Use Infant Feeding Log Template:

1.  Start by filling the “Day/date”. You fill this accordingly to when the log is taken.
2.  Take care of your baby and feed it as usual, just make sure that you make record each time you do it.
3.  Write down the time of the feeding in the “Time” column.
4.  Give description to the feeding of that time in the “Description” column.
5.  Move to the next column, “Amount”. Write down the amount of food you gave the baby. And of course don’t forget about the drinking as well.
6.  Get to the last column, “Notes”, and fill in any additional information if there is, the frequency of the baby will pee afterward, the baby’s reaction, etc.

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