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House Cleaning Schedule Template WordCleaning your home can be quite troublesome if things are not organized properly. It is especially if you are a career woman who has to take care of both household and work. Letting one suffer because of improper organization isn’t something you should do, and for that reason this House Cleaning Schedule template is made to help you. Using this template, you can make your schedule on your household and make sure that you won’t skip any of it. As example, washing dish and making meals which are daily cleaning will take quite much of your time, while some others are just chores that need to be done twice or three times a week. Make your schedule properly by using the template on corresponding daytime, and you should be able to go just fine.

A peek inside the template, there are the template’s title, the schedules personalization and a table as the center of it where the home cleaning schedule will be put on. The schedule table is pretty simple with each of what you should put there is clear, yet it will be great help for you. The “Area” column is definitely will be filled with the area which will be cleaned. Next to it, the “Chores” column is where the chore which needs to be done in that area will be written down. And the rest of it is about the schedule planning itself. Here, the “Clean” and “Check” are present for you to choose which will need to be done in the specified time.


How to Use House Cleaning Schedule Template:

1.  Above the table there are “House Owner” and “Week Period” form to fill in. There, fill the name of the house owner and the week period of the schedule.
2.  Next, write down the area you plan to clean and what chores to be done in the “Area” and “Chores” column.
3.  Lastly, make the schedule as you wish to match your own in the days’ columns of Monday to Sunday. Simply mark the day or specify the corresponding daytime there.

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