Mileage Log

Mileage Log Template for Excel and WordMileage log is a common record paper sheet to record any vehicle trip for operational use. With this log, respective department, operation department, can monitor their driver working hours while driving as well as monitor car mileage and fuel consumption. With logged data, each vehicle should be maintained well. Whenever used cars spend more fuels than usual, they can report these cars to be serviced.

From business point of view, to optimize the distribution, a businessman can decide to purchase or rent vehicle for this purpose. It is to make sure that all expenses including the product distribution using the fleet are covered well in the financial report. For a company, whether it is large or small, utilizing some vehicles for business purposes is also important. This log for mileage is made for one vehicle. It can be used to record the identity of car user or employee, operation period and total taken mileage. There will be a table too for tracking the made trips. It will cover the date, starting place, destination, purpose, start mile, end mile, mileage and rate. Besides to track the mileage, the company can also monitor the used fuel and needed funds to cover this expense. And it is very useful to make more comprehensive and organized financial report.
Utilizing them mileage log table is not only beneficial for arranging the expense report. This tool can be used to make the employees use the company’s fleet for the right purposes. In some countries, these expenses can be reimbursed to their state government as well. This mileage log template is fully editable. You can print it as a blank form and fill it manually before move written information into Microsoft Excel file.

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  Auto Mileage Log Template for Excel (21.5 KiB, 772 hits)

Or you can use the Microsoft Word version below for your blank mileage log form.

  Auto Mileage Log Template for Word (62.0 KiB, 709 hits)

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