Horse Bill of Sale

Horse Bill of Sale Template WordHaving a horse isn’t as simple as having common pet, the treatment for it isn’t easy and it is quite costly. When things come to this, there are two options that you can go with. First, find a way to give proper treatment for the horse so you can keep it. Or the second option to find a new owner that can give it better treatment, or in other word sell it. However, selling a horse isn’t something you should take lightly. Get things done wrong here and you may have earned problem for your future. For that reason, this Horse Bill of Sale will prove to be useful for you. It will help you on making your transaction for your house officially as the bill receipt of it.

When you open the horse bill of sale template, you will be presented to a one-page word document with several writing there. There are several sentences of agreement within the template for your horse’s transaction with some space left blank. On these spaces you will fill in the detail of your own transaction, such as your name as the seller, the buyer’s name, the date of transaction, etc. With the agreement filled and agreed by you and the buyer, you will be able to avoid problem in the future. Also, there is a table for your horse details, including name, sex, breed, day of birth, application number, color, etc. Filling these will help the identification of the horse if needed in the future.

How to Use Horse Bill of Sale Template:

1.  Fill the blank space in the sentences of agreement accordingly. It shouldn’t be confusing since there are filling instructions. For instant, “(buyer)” means you should write the buyer name there, as for “(seller)”, it should be your name. The agreed price and date should be clear there.
2.  Input the detail of the horse in the table accordingly. Note can also be added there to make the description clearer.
3.  Lastly, fill the seller (you) and buyer information in the bottom of the template and you are done.

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