Multiplication Table

Kids Math Multiplication Table for ExcelThere are many ways that you can do to help your children to study. Now, among those subject that they learn in school and many students, especially the young one have this trouble to learn about multiplication. Way back then, parents can help kids learn about multiplication by using a printed multiplication table. It was very useful especially when it was printed in poster size that their kids can stick in on their wall.

But now, there is easier way to make multiplication table. Use a Microsoft excel template for this one is not only saving you time to buy one in the store, but it also far more interesting to kids in this day. You know how they like to play with your laptop and besides it was easier to carry around. You also can use the same material to teach your young student easily. If you use it for your kids, then they can practice with it every night to find out how much is 2×8, 14×19, or 22×15 and so on by simply look on the table.

The table has three sheets. First sheet show the 10×10 dynamic tables, the second sheet is 25×25 dynamic tables and the last sheet is the practice sheet where student face a blank sheet that they need to fill. The 10×10 dynamic table shows can be customized based on your kid’s ability. If he or she has accomplish the basic multiplication from 1-10, then you can rise the difficulty level by simply click on the right and up arrow to show the multiplication table from 11-20.

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