Proforma Invoice Template

Proforma Invoice Template - ExcelAll things should be ensured to avoid some possible mistakes. All things should be double checked during business. This might take some times, more than just if it is done regularly, but however, this is something that should be done in the business world. A single mistake can ruin your life. That is why all things should be confirmed and reconfirmed. The proforma invoice is one of the media types to do it. This proforma invoice term is usually common for people in Asia where it is basically an invoice. You might find it has proforma in front of its invoice name if you received any shipments from Asia countries especially China. It looks like it is required for exporting purposes.

Though a transaction has been set, and both sides have said “deal”, there will be lots of things that should be cleared. The staffs should work on some papers to seal the deal. The proforma invoice is one of the most important things to make confirmation about a contract. The seller will send this invoice to the buyer to confirm the deal, in details.

There are many kinds of proforma invoice types. Every company has their own types. It depends on their needs. But to create one, they can search for some info from the cyber online network. There are some templates that can be downloaded and used as examples. Or, they can choose one of the templates with some advantages such as adding the logo of the company. Below is one sample of them you can modify using Microsoft Excel or Word.


  Proforma Invoice Template - Excel (13.9 KiB, 1,020 hits)

  Proforma Invoice - Word Template (56.0 KiB, 886 hits)

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