Three-Monthly Calendar

3 Monthly Calendar TemplateThis is a monthly calendar that you can use for any year. It has three-month display in one page if you plan to print it and make it for your calendar reference. You can set the first month of each page before you print it.

There is an automatic date event insertion function that will place your important dates that you type in event columns at the left side of the worksheet into respective date and month boxes. You can see until 3 events in each date boxes. If you type more than 3 events in event columns, only the first three that will be shown in the calendar. You don’t have to type or arrange your event dates in order. The excel formula inside the calendar will find the dates in the column automatically.

This calendar should suit you who has uncertain events or just want to arrange an event and try to find the most suitable date for it. With this single column event customization, you can change the dates and see it revealed in the calendars without moving its description to designated dates.

It is designed for Excel 2003. It is still a basic calendar though. You can find other type of calendars from its author site.

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