Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule

Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule Template WordFor a hotel, the cleanliness of the rooms is a crucial point where most people are seeking for. In that matter, this Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule template will prove its usefulness. Delivering room cleaning job will be a lot easier when you have it scheduled properly, and that’s what this template do for you. Scheduling room cleaning t might sound simple and not something to worry much about. However, if you take it lightly or even don’t make a proper scheduling on it, getting your hotel room cleaning missed at some points and make things messed up is very possible.

Opening the Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule template, you will find several columns in a table there. That is where you will make your hotel room cleaning schedule. The template is set for Monday up to Sunday, so it will be a weekly schedule. From left to right, there is “Area” column, on which you fill the area of the cleaning job. Next to it, there is “Chores” column which you will fill in the chore to do. As for the rest of the table, it is the days’ schedule which is divided into two, clean and check. The clean and check is your plan schedule for the specified time.

How to Use Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule Template:

1.  Write down your hotel name and the week period of the schedule in the designated space below the template’s title.
2.  Get down to the table, determine which area that will be scheduled for cleaning and put it in the “Area” column. And next, input what chore you are going to do in that area in the “Chores” column.
3.  After that, make schedule plan for that chores in the area and write it down in the schedule. You do it by marking either or both “Clean” and “Check” under the days’ columns. In this, it depends on your own cleaning plan.

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