Award of Excellence Certificate

Award of Excellent Template - WordEveryone, at least most of them, loves to have a certificate or other similar kinds of thing in their life; stating that they have achieved something. No matter it takes form of only a piece of paper, a cup, etc.; awards always remain as something joyful.

Purpose of Creating Award of Excellence Certificate

One of the most common types of award used by the people is a paper of certificate. It is widely used in many different fields, like academic, science, art, and many more. These certificates entitled Award of Excellence are often given along with other prizes in numerous competitions. However, they are also granted for certain people with notable and noble achievement; without competition.

To make it easier, many organizations or institutions generally has certain formats of Award of Excellence already. They make it into soft file in computer programs such as Microsoft Office Word; in order that whenever they need it, they just have to edit and print it to make the hard file.

Award of Excellence form can be easily created. After opening the program, you just need to decide the content of the form. Below are some common points which often exist:
– The name and logo of institution/organization/company which grant the certificate
– The name of the award receiver
– The date when the award is made
– The signature of authorized person from organization giving the award
– The purpose of the award; explaining about the achievement of the granted person

How to Use Award of Excellence Template

Once you have downloaded the free Award of Excellence certificate, you can start to modify its layout and style it with your own business style. For example, you can put your own company logo and change its font with your official company font. Fill the blank spaces with the required data. Try to avoid mistakes in typing them. Then, print the file out and ask for the needed signature and stamp it if necessary.

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