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Issue Log Template WordA form of issues documentation which is put in a table continuously can be called an Issue Log. The function of this template then stays the same as other record templates as the purpose of its making is simply to trace and keep the detailed information about each issue. Issue Log can be used as an evidence as well as reminder about issues which have been handled or closed issues; and the ones which are still ongoing; along with some details about them.

This template is fully editable. If you want to make the table manually, just insert table with multiple rows on your window then give details of information needed.  What’s on Issue Log? There are some common things which should be typed or written down on Issue Log; such as:
• Issue number
• Issue description
• Responsible; the name of a person who is responsible for the issue
• Reported date
• Action, filled when the issue has been taken care of
• Action date
• Due date
• Priority
• Status: closed or ongoing

Once the Issue Log is ready; you can start using it by filling out each row with one issue details. In the beginning of a project; the form is commonly blank but as the project goes on, updates are made. While many issues are recorded at the same time; this Issue Log can be used as a consideration to make priority on issue handling.

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