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Kids Menu Template WordWhether you are a restaurant owner or manager; or even you are housewives who look after your kids; a Kids Menu is an interesting trivial thing to make. For restaurants or catering business, the function of having this menu is clearly seen: to educate the customers about what they are providing as well as promotion tool. On the other hands, for housewives, it is supposed to be a guideline for daily cooking; or even a way to draw the attention from kids. Basically, the purpose of Kids Menu is mainly to inform someone about the menu. But in the other side, it can be used to attract kids to buy specific meals and drinks.

If you are looking some references to create your own menu, you can start by downloading this template. It just needs Microsoft Word to start edit it. And you can insert your own pictures in respective fields. By using color printer, you can print your own kids menu every time you have new menus or you want to test which menu that attracted and sold more for kids.

Kids Menu template can be easily used. Since it is editable, you can change the content of it; replacing it by the information you want to share; such as the menu name, menu category, price, etc. The examples of category for instance are ‘soups’, ‘fast food’, or based on the time like ‘breakfast menu’, ‘lunch’, etc. You can also add attractive pictures portraying each menu to make it more interesting to see. Well, it is inevitable that kids are more interested with pictures rather than writing. Thus, good picture may mean good appetite for them.

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