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Simple Business Card Template - WordFor people who have business, or working in a company, Business Card becomes one of important things to keep in hands, particularly for those who often make contacts with partners outside the company. Directors, managers, marketing, human resource, and public relations staffs are the examples of those who should own representative Business Card. The benefit of this card is creating connections with business partners; also make it easier for the partners or customers to contact the company. Therefore, the card should contain complete enough information about the owner.

Business Card got its name from the function. Mainly, Business Card functions in a business world; although some people also use it for other purposes. It can be printed out easily once you already have the form along with the design. There are a lot of designs which can be used. You can mix and match the colors, the pictures, also the fonts used in a card, to create the attractive yet informative one.

Microsoft Office Word is one of computer’s programs which can be utilized to create Business Card forms. Launch the program and open ‘new’ in the office button. There will be a dialogue box opened. Click on the ‘business cards’ templates; and you will have some options there. Click on one design you would like to use and press download. In this case, you will need an internet connection in order to reach Microsoft Office online.

Using Business Card Template

You can download the free ones below. They are simple business card forms that will be useful if you forgot to carry your official one while traveling abroad and need just a few of them to be printed from your hotel printer. You just need to fill the blank spaces available in your chosen form. The template is created in Microsoft Word and it is editable; so that your job is just completing the form with the needed details. What to put there? Namely there are: your name, address, the name of your company, your position in a company, phone number (home, office, mobile), and email address. If you like, you can also put a picture.

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