Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation Template - WordAmong the simple templates which can be downloaded through Microsoft Office Word, Certificate of Appreciation may be one of the most often accessed. This template simply looks like a paper award which can be used for numerous purposes. By using Certificate of Appreciation template, it will be much easier and faster to create such kind of certification in an organization or company. Besides, this template is also applicable for academic purposes; to appreciate students who make certain accomplishments.

The term ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ is chosen in relation with the purpose of this template; which is giving a positive response or compliment towards someone’s brilliant achievements. Therefore, the content of Certificate of Appreciation also corresponds with that purpose.

Details you can find in a Certificate of Appreciation are as follows:
• The name of person/organization or the certificate receiver
• A short description about the achievement or the title given to him/her; such as ‘The Best Employee’ for his/her brilliant working attainment
• The date when the certificate is made. It is usually placed in the bottom part of the page
• The signature of authorized person from the organization/company which grants the Certificate of Appreciation; such as the director of any companies
• If the certificate is issued by certain organization, the name and logo can be put on the upper part

Using Certificate of Appreciation Template

Certificate of Appreciation template can be downloaded directly through Microsoft Word by opening new document and choosing the ‘certificates’ template. In this case, your computer should be connected to the internet. After the template is ready, you only need to edit the information based on the data you have. It is also possible to make adjustments on some elements, including the font, font color, background, decorative items, etc. Or, you can download free templates below.

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