Chronological Resume

Chronological Resume Template for WordSeeking for a good job; you will need a good deed and a good resume as well. As we know, resume can be various. One of them which quite many people often use is what we call Chronological Resume. This kind of resume can be easily made by using Microsoft Office Word; through its available templates.

The use of Chronological Resume template is facilitating those who have solid and strong working experiences to make a comprehensive resume. In fact, Chronological Resume helps the reader understanding the job seeker’s information systematically and chronologically; mainly about the job experience and things related to it.

To generate a Chronological Resume, you will not waste the time to create the format since Microsoft Word has several samples which are ready to use. First of all, set an internet network in your computer and open the program. In the office button (left upper corner of the window); click ‘new’ to open a new document. A dialogue box opens soon. Click on ‘resume and CV’ template on the left side and go for the ‘basic resume’. Browse with your mouse and click on ‘Chronological Resume’ template. Finally, click on ‘download’ button in the bottom part of the box. Microsoft Word will launch the template very soon. Done! You already have the template for further work.

How to Use Chronological Resume Template

As long as you already get the Chronological Resume form, you can directly use it to make your own resume or Curriculum Vitae. There are some data which you should put there, like these followings:
• your personal details to be placed at the top part. It consists of your name, address, phone number, and email address
• the objective of your resume
• educational background
• job experiences
• activities
• skills, including certification and training
• reference


Note that education, job experience, and activity should be written from the most recent. Write details about them, such as the year, position, and short description.

If you are looking other alternatives that you couldn’t find inside Microsoft Word templates, or you just feel don’t fit with the available styles, you can try this chronological resume template below.

  Chronological Resume Template (39.4 KiB, 576 hits)

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