Artwork Bill of Sale

Artwork Bill of Sale Template - WordWhen you purchase any kind of artwork –and many other kinds of trading products—it is highly recommended that you also check the bill. Particularly for artwork, what we call Artwork Bill of Sale is so much essential because artwork owns higher possibility to be sold or passed down to the others in the future. In this case, the bill sale will prove that the seller is the true owner (of the artwork).

Moreover, the information about the previous seller written in the bill sale will also be beneficial, at least if you are the buyer who want to buy the artwork from the previous owner (or the buyer in that bill sale) and you are willing to trace the truth of the bill.

Content to be filled in Artwork Bill of Sale

The term Artwork Bill of Sale can be interpreted literally. The work starting word clearly stated that the bill sale is specifically used for artwork transaction only. What can you find in such bill sale?
The main point of an Artwork Bill of Sale is the admission made by the seller and buyer about the truth. The seller will state that the artwork is truly hers/his. On the other hands, the buyer states that he/she really buys the artwork from the mentioned seller.

Other points which should exist in an Artwork Bill of Sale are the followings:
• more details about the seller and buyer (name, address, phone number)
• signature of the seller and buyer
• the amount paid for the artwork
• the date of transaction
• details about the artwork (title, edition, size, medium, etc).

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How to Use Artwork Bill of Sale

Artwork Bill of Sale is generally available in a form with some blank spaces. To make use of it, you will need to fulfill the blank spaces with the required data: yours and your partner of transaction’s personal data, details on the purchased artwork, and others. Once you have completed it, do not forget to sign the form.

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