Delivery Receipt Form

Delivery Receipt Form Word TemplateIn this modern era, most of people choose to buy all things via online. Why they choose to purchase all things via online? They choose to buy all products via online because they never need to waste their time or leave their home to get all products. They just need to stay in the home and the product will be delivered to their home. The demand of online store is rising and it influences the delivery services company or shipping company.

Shipping company is important factor for all online stores because without shipping company, they will be difficult to send all products to all customers. We can’t avoid that shipping services then become the profitable business for nowadays. When you want to start this business then you must have delivery receipt to help your job. This delivery receipt will become your archive so you know the product that is delivered to the address and your customers also have the archive when they receive product from you. You can monitor your business with this delivery receipt too.

Delivery receipt consists of two parts. The content of two parts is just same but the first part is used as archive for the delivery man, and the second part is given to the customer. In each part, there will be four columns. There is quantity column, description column, pieces per package column, and also number of package column. In the above, you should not forget to write your customer name, address, city, and also phone number.

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