Building Visitor Sign In Sheet

Building Visitor Sign In Sheet Template - WordBuilding Visitor Sign In is often found in a many-floors building which is occupied by more than one company or organization. Every time you come to such kind of building, usually you will be asked to fill this sign in sheet. The benefit of having this sign in form is more on the safety and data; particularly for the building management and security staffs.

Building Visitor Sign In can be used to check who comes out and go into the building. If there is an unexpected thing happens, for instance, the involved persons can be checked. It is also functional in the same way for the company which is visited, to verify their visitors.

Purpose of Building Visitor Sign In Sheet

The name Building Visitor Sign In simply comes from the function of the sheet itself. This is clearly addressed to the building visitors. What’s on it?

Generally, some information is supposed to be put there:

• The date
• The name of the visitor
• The visitor’s ID
• The visitor’s company/organization
• The name of company which is going to be visited and the floor where it is located
• The visit time
• The signature

The form can be made using Microsoft Office Word connected to the internet, by following these steps:
• Click ‘new’ like when you do to create new document
• Choose ‘record’ on the left list of template
• Click on ‘sign in sheets’
• Click ‘download’ button on the bottom

How to Use Building Visitor Sign In Template

If you can’t find them inside Microsoft Office template section, you can download the free one below. To use it, there is no important procedure to note. It is just like other Microsoft Word documents. You just have to fill the blank spaces with the information needed. Lastly, do not forget to sign it at the very right column.

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