Auto Repair Invoice

Auto Repair Invoice Template - WordPeople make transactions, and they are filed or recorded through a piece of paper we call it invoice. Invoice can be used in service or product transaction. Auto Repair Invoice is one of the examples of ‘service’ invoice. It is issued by the company which holds the auto repair service to the one who wants to have his/her vehicle repaired. It is important to have such invoice, in order to avoid mistakes or misunderstanding between the two sides involved in transaction process.

How to Make Auto Repair Invoice

The form is simple, but the content is essential as it describes the details about certain transaction. To create Auto Repair Invoice, you can use a very well-known program in your computer, Microsoft Word.

Make a note of what you are going to put in your Auto Repair Invoice before opening new document on Ms Word. There are generally three parts of this invoice, consisting of several pieces of information.
– Title. It can be filled with the name of the issuer or the service company in one side of the top part. Usually, it comes up with a logo. On the other side, there should be a title ‘Invoice’
– Content. More detailed information about the service will be here, including the date of service, the transaction number, the car information (model, year of making, series), customer information (name, address, city, etc.), and the details about the service
– Closing. Here, there should be signature from the cashier and the customer. Grand total of service fee can be put at the bottom, also.

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How to Use Auto Repair Invoice Template

If you decided to use the ready-made one, you can download the free version below. It is not difficult to use this Auto Repair Invoice  template. Just open the file of basic form, print it, fill the blank spaces, and sign. Otherwise, you can type the information all the way through the computer, print it, and sign. The use will be that simple.

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