Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice Template for WordInvoice refers to a document, the commercial one, which is issued by the sellers to be sent to the buyers. Therefore, this document becomes an important in every commercial transaction (more applicable in export-import). It will become such a reminder for both the buyer and seller (mainly the buyer) about the transaction; in order to avoid any misunderstanding between the two, or any unexpected things related to the payment. For the buyers, Commercial Invoice allows them to remember what they have bought and how much they should pay. Commercial Invoice can be made effortlessly through a template provided by Microsoft Office Word with some necessary revisions.

What should be on a Commercial Invoice? If you have no idea, do not worry because Ms Word has prepared common forms of it. You can choose any of them based on your needs. To start, set an internet connection and open Ms Word. Have a new document and choose the ‘invoices’ template from the list in the dialog box. Directly, the program along with Microsoft Office Online will respond by showing several invoice templates. Determine your choice and click ‘download’. If you are not sure with it, just close the window and repeat the similar steps to get another option.

How to Use Commercial Invoice Template

Commonly, there are key points which should exist in a Commercial Invoice:

  • Invoice’s date and number
  • The information of the exporter and consignee; including the name, complete address, contact person, and phone or fax number.
  • Details about transaction: Tax identification number, total weight of the product, terms of sale, currency used, way of transportation, and others needed.
  • Product further description, including quantity, price, total payment, the manufacturer, etc.
  • Statement confirming that the data on the invoice are correct
  • Signature of the issuer accompanied by the name and date

If you already get the Commercial Invoice template, you only have to change the details based on your needs.

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