Contractor Invoice

Contractor Invoice Template for Excel and WordContractor invoice is a simple sheet that can bring you the information about the project that you have with a contractor. It contains number or invoice, agreement number, work order number, due date, project period, architect name, and supervisor name. Those simple lists are very important for you to have. If something happens with the project, you will always have the information about who is going to be responsible about it. In addition, you can also have some additional information about the client and the project description. The client information list contains company name, company address, ZIP code, and contact number. You can also add a little description about the project that you have.

Contractor Invoice is very important, especially for those who have no time to control directly the project. With this sheet, you can have a certain information about the project that you are about to have and the project that you have already done. In order to make it even much easier, this simple sheet with Microsoft word can give some additional information about the work performance. In other words, you can also have job inspections through this simple sheet. If you are interested in using it, please download it immediately and you can have it as your own.If you don’t have time to create it by yourself, you can download these templates below. They are created using Microsoft Word and Excel. You can select or use both of them after customizing them. Some people is comfortable on using Word version even though it has no sum functionality to calculate the total amount of payment that should be charged compared with Excel. Remember to name the generated invoices with numbers, client’s names and in sequence. Or, you might get lost when trying to find backup copy of particular invoice. They will be needed if you want to correct or add some information after you sent them, especially if you are managing a lot of invoices. And it should ease your superior or subordinate to find it when you are not in the office because of your vacation or you are no longer work in that company. And don’t forget to put your company’s logo.

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