Full-Time and Part-Time Employee Vacation Planner

Full-Time and Part-Timer Vacation TrackerFull-time and part-time employee vacation planner is a template in Microsoft Excel that helps a company to keep track on attendance, vacation and any other kind of absences. This template is really useful for business that manages employee who work on either project bases or for permanent bases. Moreover, for large-scale companies that manual process of Microsoft excel will be no longer suitable for them to keep the overview of employee attendance.  With this template, you are able to simplify your work where you can set the leaves allocation and working hours in respective columns and row, all can be done within a single worksheet. You are also able to customize the report into weekly, monthly or any other certain time period that will help you in calculating wages you have to pay for your employees.

Because this tracker is based on one single worksheet, the first time you have to do when opening this spreadsheet is going to Vacation Tracker worksheet and do the following steps,
a. Enter attendance period starting date
Since there is no setup worksheet to get started, thus, first thing first you need to fill your company fiscal year start date in cell D6. Then, continue the step by entering your employee’s names in vacation tracker worksheet. You are free to enter 25 rows for employee’s name and 250 rows in paid version. Once you have done entering your employee’s name, the next step you can continue is fill up their daily attendance.
b. Customize vacation/attendance/leave codes

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After that you can start typing your employee’s working, overtime, and vacation hours.

In light blue cells, you should type :
– Working hours
– Holiday and non working day code
There is only one code available and you are able to change it to other name.

In white cells, you should type :
– Amount of hours and its Overtime code ( The code is hardcoded)
– Amount of hours and it sVacation code

As informed above, there are 2 types of attendance column, they are light blue and white columns. The light blue needs to be filled with the number of working hours, holiday or non working day letter. Meanwhile, the white columns need to be filled with the number of vacation or overtime hours taken. Not to forget also, there will be a dark grey color shown if there are any employees who are already resigned or not yet working.

Summary Worksheets
After you do the tracking, you will get the summary of total vacation and overtime used and the total days left. You are able to customize the reports into 3 types of worksheet, they are weekly, monthly or other custom reports. For custom report, it will be available in unlocked version only.  These worksheets should help you getting your employee attendance summary quickly and use it for calculating your employee’s wages or process it for any kind of human resources purposes. More detailed instruction on how to use this spreadsheet can be read inside.

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