Tournament Bracket Maker

Tournament Bracket MakerDo you need a Tournament Bracket Maker that you can use to draw any tournament or match bracket? Indeed, now you do not have to manually draw any tournament bracket every time you are going to draw a tournament. Either you are going to draw a professional tournament bracket or just need the bracket to have fun, the Tournament Bracket Maker can be the best solution for you.

What is Tournament Bracket Maker?
A tournament bracket maker is an excel spreadsheet that can be used to draw a tournament bracket automatically. Basically, you can do everything on your Microsoft Excel equipped computer without any manual drawing work. You just need to input the data of the teams, including how many teams join the tournament, number of used courts, and tournament time.

There are single and double elimination bracket system. Since the bracket will work for you from your computer, you do not have to edit the entire bracket after a tournament held. You just need to input the result of the match or tournament and the tournament bracket will eliminate particular team due to the game result automatically.

What if you need a printed bracket? The same tournament bracket can be printed. It will be very helpful if you need to display the tournament bracket in some places, such as on the school announcement board. Just print it into a poster size tournament bracket. It will be perfect. Although nowadays digital data seems to be super easy to access, in some cases printed tournament bracket is still needed therefore you can choose the Tournament Bracket Maker to get you all you need about tournament bracket.

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How to start using the tournament bracket maker
There are 3 models of single elimination bracket spreadsheets and 3 models of double elimination bracket spreadsheets. Pick the suitable one for your tournament. Those 3 models are divided based on type of sport match score calculation. For example, Tennis usually will apply best of three or best of five match system, and some time they will apply one score type system. Volley ball and tennis table matches will also apply custom system in their tournament. After you pick the suitable one, you can start customizing it and check your setting in bracket and schedule worksheets before you print it.

One tournament bracket maker for any tournament and any season
Some people may think that it is a waste to purchase a tournament maker. In fact, it can be a very practical purchase for you who work in any sport field. Since, the bracket maker is not specifically designed for particular sport event, you can use the same software to draw a tournament bracket for any sport match. The bracket maker is designed to draw a tournament with elimination system. Almost all sport tournaments are held with elimination system, especially when it includes a lot of teams. If you are happy with the lite version, you can purchase the commercial one which will give you more flexibility on customizing the spreadsheet to meet your requirement.

These are separated tournament bracket maker spreadsheets.

  Single Elimination Bracket Creator - Best of Three (643.1 KiB, 1,154 hits)

  Single Elimination Bracket Creator - Best of Five (654.8 KiB, 874 hits)

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  Single Elimination Bracket Creator - Single Score (656.4 KiB, 1,406 hits)

  Double Elimination Bracket - Best of Three (588.8 KiB, 883 hits)

  Double Elimination Bracket - Best of Five (589.7 KiB, 776 hits)

  Double Elimination Bracket - Single Score (588.9 KiB, 1,087 hits)

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