Sales Pipeline Management Tracker

Sales Pipeline Management TrackerThe sales pipeline management is important to use to know the way to success of a company or office. The success depends on the sales team that drives to the growth of the revenue. For businessmen who want to win a lot of deal, it is important to explore and visualize sales leads that through a sales pipeline. The goal of keeping the prospect is various such as improving the sales process, and business growth. How to keep the stages in the sales cycle elapsed until the closing stages. Actually, the pipeline has not been well explored. Sometimes, the customer is already interested, but it hasn’t produced. The wrong direction from management, it should be done but it was not followed up well to the customer when canceling the closing. It is very simple, the pipe line management is an estimate of the cash inflows that based on the leads and the prospects who will buy the products and services offered. But the real strength of the sales pipeline management is very clear when we use the metric appropriately and put the appropriate process stage in order to respond to the metrics used.

In managing the sales pipeline, the users will know how to make strategy, sales skills that make a breakthrough for the development of the business. It is using the approach of accelerated learning. It will be presented a variety of strategies for improving the current management of sales pipeline through proper management. There are many reason, why this pipeline management is a must have thing for the company, office, or other business field.


If you are looking for a simple sales pipeline management tracker to solve your problem in Microsoft Excel, you might consider this one. With all pipeline priority features and its compatibility among other Microsoft Office documents as well as among other Microsoft Excel version either in Windows or Mac, this template should reduce your pipeline monitoring time by just typing all needed information and let Excel formula do the rest.

This system is providing the forecast that is highlighted the opportunity that is expected by the user to close be closed. It provides the 30 until 90 days of the forecast revenue to the company. The most important thing in running the business is not only the operating, but also the manufacturing and the accounting. The manager in selling can decide the critical deal that will require to the oversight or the commitment of the time.

Allocate the resource
This system management can allocate the resource to help in closing the opportunity of the business. It based on the deal which is possible to be closed.

Real opportunity
This software can show the management teams the real opportunity in the business. The sales manager who has more experiences will be able to apply the method to make the deal. And then the members of the sales team will adjust pipeline selling with the evaluation. The members of the sales team will make the investment with the exact time and deal.

The businessmen must be consistent in looking at the snapshots about the sales of the project. By the time, the businessmen will build the confidence feeling about how accurate the data of the pipeline is.

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Deal flow
This system helps the businessmen to make track in making deal flow in order to determine the stuck opportunity. Using the sales pipeline management can be quickly in showing the progress of the selling.

Once you download and try the template, you can find that there are plenty of room for customization that can be developed using this template to meet your company’s specific requirement.

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