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Shift Schedule Planner - ExcelPlanning shift schedule template for your employee often left you a big headache, doesn’t it? You must be hoping to get a simple tool particularly in Microsoft Excel where you can arrange and manage the shift schedule easily. The perfect tool for your problem is Employee Shift Schedule Generator for Excel. This tool is a template to create shift schedule in Microsoft Excel that can be work well in Windows and Mac environment. And because it is created using one of Microsoft Office suites, you will have no more problems to create a report and integrate it into other Microsoft Documents anymore.

Mostly, shift schedules are designed for companies or industries that use 24/7 working days where employees will have to work on shift because of the nature of its company business and they have to work on allowable working hours per week. Using this shift schedule generator, respective companies can organize it easily. They can map popular shift plans like 4 on 4 off, Pitman, 5 and 2, Dupont, Panama, Metropolitan, and Continental or they can customize it based on their own shift pattern.

You can download and the Free version. If it is fit with your needs, you can lift its limitation by purchasing the Full Version of this Excel Spreadsheet.

Below are features on a Full Version of Shift Schedule Planner

1. 46 Pre-Designed Shift Plan
The 46 Pre-Designed Shift Plan features will provide you the available shift plan such as 2 Team 5 On 5 Off, 2 Team 7 Day Shifting, 3 Team 7 On 14 Off, and still many more options on the list. You can select any shift plan that suit your business nature and map your employees based on your selection. You can try all the plans on the list before deciding to choose the best one.

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2. Custom Shift Plan
Even though, you can’t find the most suitable shift plan, you can create your own custom shift plan. The way how to make it is very easy where you only need to type all the parameters needed and set your pattern in the shift plan table.

3. Shift Schedule in Custom Time and Group View
Not only using the pre-designed shift plan, you can also personalize generated shift schedule in custom time and group view. The schedule will be generated for 52 weeks period where you can set it to be seen or printed in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 weeks.

4. Automatic Working Hour Calculation
Automatic working hour calculation will allow you to see the total working hour of all the employees for 52 weeks period.

Why Is It Worth?

Employee Shift Schedule Planner for Excel will save your time on arranging shift schedule that usually take hours into minutes. The available 46 pre-designed widely used shift plan can be selected and applied within minutes, even making your own shift pattern.

Try the free version below. The limitation is on number of pre-designed plan choices and number of employees that can be arranged. Once you satisfied with this shift schedule planner outcome, you can continue to purchase the full version. And if you have some knowledge in Excel, you can process its outcome into another spreadsheet to create your own report. It needs a minimum Excel 2007 for Windows and Excel 2008 for Mac.

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