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BMR Calculator TemplateLosing the weight is a challenging journey. With the toughest path you have to get through, it is necessary for you to comprehend the essential factors that will take you to the finish line. One of factors you should know is the rate of basal metabolism. It is the level of metabolism performance when you do total rest. This rate gives you the clue of how much calories the body can burn in 24 hours. By making this calculation, you can set the weight loss program without making the body suffer.

The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator is an essential tool you can use for calculating the personal rate of basal metabolism. There are several factors that affect this rate. They are including age, gender, height and weight. The environment and lifestyle also play an important role. But for personal calculation, you can simply check your BMR by considering the first four factors. It is easy to find this tool. You do not need to always invest some money in the high tech device. You just need to set it on Microsoft Excel and put the BMR formula to get to know the result. But, you don’t have to create it from the scratch since the template below can help you quickly.

It is important for you to increase the BMR. With better metabolism, you can burn more calories and gain the better body shape. One of the ways to increase the BMR is by adding exercise to your weekly routines.

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