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Excel Body Fat CalculatorIf someone is talking about losing his or her weight, then it supposedly means that they want to lose some fat, which they have too much in their body. Before you do your diet program plan, you have to know the percentage of body fat that you have in your body. The percentage will show you how much fat that you have and whether it is normal or not. In order to function properly, your body needs to have particular amount of fat. We can call it essential fat. This is the amount of fat that is needed so your body will work as it should be.

The body fat calculator is needed to know how much the amount of fat in your body is. Healthy diet should only make you lose fat and not the other mass of your body like muscle. Many people think that losing weight means that they have to lose some kilos or pounds of weight whereas they do not have the knowledge that the mass that they reduce might be the muscle mass. It is not healthy because people should not decrease their muscle mass. Lose fat and not your muscle mass.

In this body fat calculator, you can discover your body mass easily. You only have to fill your name, age, gender. There are two methods that you can use. The first one is weight based where you have to add your weight and the measurement of your waist, hip, wrist and forearm. The second one is height based body fat percentage where you have to fill your height and the measurement of your abdomen, neck and hip. Then you will know whether your body fat percentage is acceptable or not. You can use the result to increase or decrease your eating activity to get a normal body fat.

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