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Excel Hall Reservation TemplateManaging a hall is a complicate thing, especially if the hall can be used for different events, for example wedding reception, music show, business gathering etc, so it will be better if you have the record of everything. One of the most important parts is to have the tools to help you manage the reservation that has already been made so you won’t miss any single thing. First thing that you need to do is to decide how many period of hall that you are able to manage in one day. Some people choose to have four periods only in one day where each period last for four hours but it was totally different for everyone.

Rather than have to make the list on your own, you can use this hall reservation template. You can modify the template based on your situation. To make it easier for you to understand this template come in color. You can see if you have no reservation if it has blue color, while red color show that you already booked out and the yellow means double booked that you need to reschedule.

Once again, it was fully customized based on your situation. Basically this template only has one worksheet that show two parts of information. The information on top of it show the availability from time to time while the second information show you who make the reservation, their phone number, event for the banquet hall that your customer reserve, ID card, booking date, book period and additional notes where you can add the information that you think important for you to keep.

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