Employee Attendance Tracker Spreadsheet

Employee attendance tracker spreadsheet is an Excel template to record attendance. You can use it daily. Type number of hours inside the attendance calendar for employees who work in hourly bases and type code marker for employees who work in salaried bases.

Employee Attendance Tracker Template

When it said that it records about the employee working record, then it mean it has the record everyday for the whole month and year. There is plenty of worksheet that you can find in there and it will take you some time to figure it out how it really works. But once you have grabbed the idea about how it work, how to enter the data, how to customize it and how you can see the attendance report for certain employee. Now, you have one of the best tools that you can use easily and will give you the kind of record that you need.

How to Use Employee Attendance Tracker Template

Monthly Employee Attendance Tracker Template

You can start from setup worksheet. There are 36 worksheets to cover attendance for 36 months or three years. It can start from any months.

There are two versions of spreadsheets you can choose.

The first version has employee names placed automatically in employee name columns in 36 worksheets. You need to input total working hour or attendance markers in corresponding employee rows. You cannot sort or change employee’s orders. But, you can hide particular employee rows. For example, you may need to hide employees that are no longer working with your company.


The second version has dropdown list in employee name column. If you prefer to write and sort employee names, also if you want to remove resigned employees from the calendar, then you should pick the second version.

Use dashboard to analyze behavior of your employees. It will show you useful charts, like turnover ratio and distribution of absences. And there are other useful parameters that you can read, like ranks of your employee attendance and absences.

Weekly Employee Attendance Tracker Template

You can use this weekly employee attendance tracker version to record attendance in hourly bases. There are 54 weekly worksheets. Fill each worksheets with total hour per day for both attendance and absence.

Before filling this weekly worksheet regularly, you need to assign working days of your employees. It should help you filling the attendance hour in correct columns. It applies to employees who work in shifts.

You can use this employee attendance tracker with salary payroll calculator spreadsheet. Just copy and paste the data to calculate their wages automatically.

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