Employee Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance CalendarHow do you record your employee attendance? If you still confuse on how to record the attendance of your employee that you can use for monthly report that will affect their salary and as yearly report as part of your evaluation, then you can use this employee attendance calendar template. The template has complete information that you can refer to anytime you need information about specific employee and his or her working record all the time they work in your place.

When it said that it records about the employee working record, then it mean it has the record everyday for the whole month and year. There is plenty of worksheet that you can find in there and it will take you some time to figure it out how it really works. But once you have grabbed the idea about how it work, how to enter the data, how to customize it and how you can see the attendance report for certain employee. Now, you have one of the best tools that you can use easily and will give you the kind of record that you need.

This template has 8 worksheet but the basic worksheet that you are going to use is only five of them. The rest of it was the instruction on how to use it. First thing that you must work on is to fill out the setup and personal info worksheet that will record your employee name, position and work time in whole year. But, you will work the most with the attendance worksheet everyday and goes to the report and dashboard worksheet by the time you need it.

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